Welcome To A Southern Marketplace Barn Sale

A weekend on the farm can mean many things, but when Acres of Grace Farms hosts it’s A Southern Marketplace Barn Sale twice a year, it is so much more.

First, we invite you to be a part of our farm and home tours that happen through out both days of the barn sale. On the farm you will see implements ranging from the 1800’s to present day machines. You are able to step back and appreciate how hard our families worked to leave the legacy they have and see how our technology’s have taken farming to a whole different level. Our tours will then take you to see a home unlike any other. We partner with Honest Abe Log Homes to explore a newly built log home for the farm owners Nick and April Patterson. There you will see a new log profile, a round log with a Swedish Cope, built to withstand all elements mother nature throws its way and once you step in side and see all the different design elements, you’ll want to take them into your own home.

After the tour is over, you will step off the bus and be ready to shop, explore and most importantly, eat! It is nothing short of remarkable, different artisan’s and unique vendors displaying a wide range of products and special finds all in one perfect location. Antique shops bring things you can only wish to have and folks who take honey or milks and other elements from their farms and turn it into incredible goods you just can’t help but buy. Not to mention, the food, it is amazing. There are no two alike, with an assortment from home cooked comfort foods to hamburgers and BBQ and if that isn’t enough, we have ice cream, we have homemade macaroons, we have fresh baked breads and cupcakes, we have jellies and salsas, we simply have it all. While you are shopping and eating with us, we want you to truly enjoy yourselves, listen to the live music and just take everything in we have to offer. Just across the road we are also hosting a Car Show Cruise in and swap meet for the guys. Only during our fall sale, we offer a farm to table dinner where we gather and harvest from local farmers. A variety of meats and produce are taken and prepared just for you. We take the proceeds from the dinner and give back to the community through our local Young Farmers and Ranchers organization.

We started the barn sale with hope of bringing people together and displaying countless items where there is something for everyone to enjoy. So come, slow down with us on the third weekends in May and October each year and relish in all that A Southern Marketplace has to offer.

We also are a great venue for weddings! So if you or your friends are looking for a beautiful location, A Southern Marketplace has you covered. 

Feel free to contact us, subscribe to our newsletter, or check out our blog for more details. Can't wait to see you all! 

Making Dreams Come True

Our barn sale started out as a dream and with the help of an amazing team and my right hand lady, and blessings of the Lord we're excited to bring you a one of a kind event in our small rural community... welcome to our farm, our barns, and our one of kind event!

April Patterson
Co-Founder & Host

Turning a Vision into Reality

Molly, our event coordinator, is the one who transforms the barn sale into what it is today! She has truly taken the vision and turned it into a reality! You'll be blown away with her creativity and fresh inspiration at each barn sale!

Molly Cooper
Co-Founder & Event Coordinator


Nick Patterson, bless his heart, April's husband is the farmer behind this event. When the idea came about and they needed his newly renovated hay barn, he was happy to oblige. However they still hear about it everyday. Nick manages and oversees Acres of Grace Farms where he practices sustainability, stewardship, and servant-hood. You'll enjoy the farm tour at the barn sale he hosts! 

Nick Patterson
Co-Owner Acres of Grace Farms

Weekend Of Activities

A Weekend of Activities Accompanies the Barn Sale, and You're Invited


Log Home Tour

Following the Log Raising, special afternoon treat will be a tour of the custom log home (pictured at top and below) recently built for April Smith Patterson, the daughter of Honest Abe’s founders, and her husband Nick Patterson. The home is the first to be built with our new 10” Round logs and includes a variety of innovative design ideas and construction techniques. Learn more about the Patterson home here.

Barn Sale

The Pattersons are opening their farm to the public on both Friday, Oct. 2nd and Saturday, Oct 3rd. Several large barns are being transformed into venues for a broad variety of vendors from across the region to display their wares at A Southern Marketplace Barn Sale.

Farm Tour

They’ll be conducting tours of their farm, Acres of Grace, which offers the perfect opportunity for young and old alike to learn more about modern farming methods. For Barn Sale information about vendors, concessions and entertainment, click here.

Barky Beaver

On Friday only, our sister company, Barky Beaver Mulch and Soils, located just across the highway from Honest Abe at Moss, is welcoming guests to stop the office and plan to meet the staff and learn more about the company’s 100% natural products and processes.

Make a Vacation of It

The Tennessee Upper Cumberland is one of Tennessee’s most beautiful and affordable vacation destinations, so we encourage you to pack up the family and make a weekend of your stay in the region. Within comfortable driving distance of Moss there are numerous overnight accommodations – bed and breakfast homes, historic inns, state parks with lodging, marinas, houseboats and traditional motels from rustic to small town to micropolitan settings. The area is famous for its waterfalls, Dale Hollow Lake marinas, driving trails, historic places, award-winning state parks, wineries, musical venues and festivals. Extensive information is available from the Upper Cumberland Tourism Association, either by visiting their website here or by calling 931-537-6347 to discuss an itinerary and receive information by mail.

Located at:

Acres of Grace Farms

2258 Henson Road

Red Boiling Springs, TN 37150

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